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Restoration & repair of original panelling and flooring

Previous restoration work

Take a look at our Facebook page to see pictures taken from the listed Guild Hall building in the centre of Northampton.  We restored not only the Walnut panelling in the lobby, but also after carefully cleaning the floor, we made replacement sections from oak and walnut. Once fitted we then re-polished the floor to bring it back to its original colour and sheen. This was done using modern finishes as the customer required a highly durable finish.

Our services include:

• Traditional wood panelling

• Traditional wooden flooring

• Repair and restoration

• Replacement (where necessary)

• Parquet flooring

• Reclaimed timber

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If you’re lucky enough to have traditional wood panelling in your home, you already know how beautiful and enhancing to any room it can be. The Restoration Workshop of Leicester specialises in the restoration of traditional wood panelling for both private and business customers alike. If some of your panels are damaged or rotted beyond repair we’re also able (using traditional materials & techniques) to produce new panels to match original ones.


In addition to restoring your original wall panelling we can also offer you a comprehensive restoration plan tailored to traditional floors. We specialise in parquet and reclaimed timber. Contact us to discuss this and all our other services.


Traditional techniques used to bring your panelling and flooring back to its former glory

The Restoration Workshop

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Previous restoration work



Restoration & repair of original panelling and flooring